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360° Rotatable Car Phone Holder

360° Rotatable Car Phone Holder

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One-handed Operation

Conveniently use your phone with one hand while driving, ensuring easy adjustment for music playback and GPS navigation.

360° Rotation Adjustment

 The mount offers a flexible arm length from 0 to 5 cm and a 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing angles. Perfect for watching videos, live streaming, and video calls.

Easy Folding and Storage

The rotating design allows for effortless folding, saving space when not in use. Stable and secure, suitable for all road conditions, ensuring your phone stays in place.

High Quality

Constructed from durable ABS material with a melodic design, ensuring longevity without deformation. Easy to install and remove without leaving marks, avoiding damage to your instrument panel.

Wide Applicability

Compatible with all mobile phones and car models, making it versatile for navigation, video watching, video calls, live streaming, recording videos, and documenting driving records. 

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